We are pleased to introduce to you the latest in our Car, Bus, Bike, Truck, and Coarser Tracking Systems.

In Vehicle Tracking and Recovery:
GPS Technology
Fleet Management
Phone Tracking Facilities
Vehicle status and Maintenance

We have different types of systems at different price tags, you just need to send us via email or SMS, your city of intended installation and date or call us, and we will serve you with the best technical experience in the field.

We have different tracking solutions:

  • Standard solution
  • Classic solution
  • Premium solution

In response to your request, the first two solutions will serve you better.

1) Classic solution or our basic online tracking solution: with this you can monitor the live movement of your vehicle, stop and start the vehicle remotely, monitor conversation in the car, playback past movement of your vehicle, monitor your vehicle parking locations, know when your vehicle is on or off, you will also know the speed at which the driver is moving.
This solution goes for 45,000

2) Premium solution or our latest anti tamper/ anti jamming solutions:
This solution provide all the above services.
If System is disconnected, the vehicle can not move unlike the above solution where the vehicle can still move if system is disconnected.
This solution goes for 90,000.

Please note:
The Classic and premium solutions
Is the combination of sms and online based system,
You can track you Vehicles online on our station through your username and password. This system is limitless.
Comes with yearly maintenance fee of 15,000

3) Standard solution: This is our Sms based vehicle security solution, with this you can stop and start your vehicle by Sms, all you need to do is issue a command and the system will carry out your instructions, with this package you can also know the location of your vehicle at anytime and voice monitoring is optional.  This solution goes for 30,000

And it’s a one time payment, no yearly subscription fee.

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